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11 Ways to Save a Ton of Cash While Traveling the Globe

Been Around the World and I…

With a family by your side, a trip abroad might seem like a burden on your pockets.

Quite a few expenses might make you stop following your dreams. However, there are several ways to make your dream trip affordable.

These include proper planning and smart budgeting for a once in a lifetime vacation that will have your Instagram popping for months.

1.       Know Your Currency

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An important step involved in the planning of your trip is having an understanding of the varying currency rates.

Depending on the place you intend to go, you will have to research the particular country’s currency rate and then match it with your country’s currency.

In case of a significant drop, you might be able to benefit more by saving some cash if you buy the specific currency at the time in which it is available a bit cheaper in the market.

2.       Choosing the Suitable Airfare

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This process requires some smart thinking and quick evaluation. It’s better to book the tickets for your trip around 50 to 60 days before you leave. In this way, you can save some valuable cash.

Buying a ticket for a flight that leaves on a Thursday and a return flight on a Monday is also something you can do to save some cash.

You can also consider traveling during an off-season. At the time, the ticket prices are quite low or are offered at discounted prices.

3.       Making Use of Budget Travel Apps

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You can create a budget for your trip using a budget travel app. The app helps you calculate the cost of your trip. This can help you plan how much money you need.

Most of these apps sometimes make up some amazing affordable deals based on your preference and that is something you should look forward to.

4.       Dine Carefully

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It is quite difficult to get rid of the temptation to dine in the fancy cafes and restaurants in your dream destination. This can only be possible if your purpose of the trip is to try out your favorite eateries.

If food is not the purpose of your visit, there are other ways you can have a high quality and a delicious meal.

A café near your destination or an affordable local food market might be able to provide you with more varieties than a fancy dining restaurant.

You can also cook by buying some supplies from local grocery stores and take the cooked food out when exploring different places; this enables you to save a considerable amount of money which can be utilized somewhere else.

5.       Do Research On Accommodations

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Choosing a hotel for a holiday trip has become more like a tradition of sorts for many tourists. There are other options as well which can provide almost the same facilities at the same price. For instance, if you are going alone on the trip, a hostel would be a much cheaper option for you.

If you are looking for privacy, there are some great vacation rental houses available for you.

You should look for a property near the market and transportation facilities, which can save you some valuable cash on your trip.

Having your own property means that you can cook your own meals, which keeps you away from the expensive dining options.

6.       Look For Cheap Transportation

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A vacation trip involves exploration of numerous attractions and famous places of the chosen destination. The trip includes a lot of traveling which can cost you a lot.

After looking for suitable accommodation, you should look for cheap transportation services.

There are numerous discounts on bus fares and train tickets for travelers in cities like Paris and London. It would be better to book the tickets in advance that might save you a lot of money.

7.       Shop Smart

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There are tons of items you might find interesting in the destination’s most well-known stores.

It’s better to not purchase them as there is a high chance that they are available at a cheaper price in neighboring locations.

A wise thing to do would be visiting the local stores where you can find some unique items related to the history and culture of the location. You can also research the local market behavior before going out shopping.

The local market in Azerbaijan is an example where you can bargain for antique products that have inflated prices.

8.       Evaluating Car Rental Services

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This is something that depends entirely on your preference. If you need a car to travel, you need to research different service providers.

You should preferably look for services, which have a good reputation in the market along with excellent customer service.

Fishing out for the best car deals is also a major step you might want to take if you are willing to save some cash.

9.       Use Travel Rewards Credit Cards

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These cards offer great deals on your airfare, hotel fares, transport services, and restaurants. You can also avail various entertainment opportunities at a discounted price.

You should look for a credit card that offers great deals.

Some examples of such credit cards are Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card and Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card.

You can compare more travel rewards credit cards here. With the CompareMyRates tool, you’ll be able to compare all cards at once and check all their best offers and deals, without having to do much research or manual reviews.

10.   Getting the Best Out Of Free Entertainment Opportunities

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Every city offers various free entertainment options. These options can include museums, local music band concerts, and magic shows that are free of cost. You should make the best out of these opportunities.

They are worth your while, even if you have to stand in a line or wait for a couple of hours before you can properly enjoy them.

An example of free entertainment in specified cities is Paris. There, you can explore the renowned Louvre free on the first Sunday of the month. 

In London, most of the museums do not charge an entrance fee. If you are into history and art, you will love this offer.

11.   No More ‘Only Here’ Way of Thinking

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Going to a specific place due to all of the special features available can easily diminish your smart-budgeting approach.

There are other numerous ways to save more money.

If you are able to work all of these tips into your trip, you might be able to enjoy a holiday at your chosen dream destination. Even if it requires you saving for a bit, you should never miss the chance of seeing the world.

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Written by Borche Stefanov

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