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Moon Meals Fiesta Wrap In 187 Grocery Stores

Moon Meals Inc. executive chef LaForce Baker, is making waves by providing pplant-based meals including vegan meats, cheese, and organic sauces to major food service operators and retailers.

Baker had a vision of providing a healthy and tasty option accessible to time starved urban professionals.

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Four years later, from the start of his vision, Moon Meals has come to life.

Thanks to the Fiesta Wrap, the company’s new vegan grab-and-go concept, the resourceful entrepreneur who came from humble beginnings is all set to launch in the Midwest at all 187 Jewel supermarket locations.

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The Fiesta Wrap includes Moon Meals vegan taco meat, vegan nacho cheese sauce, all organic cooked black beans, short grain rice, sweet corn and chopped jalapeno peppers, all deliciously rolled in a spinach wrap.

Becoming a larger company and to reach more people, Baker learned that he would have to partner and give up some control.

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“Lastly, I learned that no one else will believe in you until you believe in yourself.” -Baker

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