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Stillmatic: Nas Original Investor in Amazon’s Most Recent Billion Dollar Acquisition

Made You Look…at a Billion.


His investment company, Queensbridge Venture Partners, was a VERY early investor in the recently acquired Ring, a company that manufacturers WiFi cameras and doorbells.

Earlier this week it was announced that Amazon acquired Ring in a deal reportedly worth more than $1bn, as it pushes further into the internet of things and in-home-delivery space.

After being rejected on Shark Tank, the company picked up massive steam with over 2 million cusomers and over $160m in revenue.

Nas is set to make a substantially SOLID amount of money (in the millions) for his intelligent investments.

Kudos to God’s Son, keep up the great work.  

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Written by John D. Saunders

John is a Marketing Strategist and Consultant with a knack for financial literacy. As the Founder of 5Four Digital,
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